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conversion and valorization of patents, scientific papers and handouts

  • A quick introduction to SysPat
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What is SysPat?

SysPat is a system for the Protection and the Valorization (marketing and negotiation) of Intellectual Property, whether they are in the form of Patents, Scientific Papers or Handouts (copyright). SysPat makes easier the drafting, the filing or publishing, the management and the maximization of the value of patents, scientific papers and handouts.

SysPat supports inventors, researchers and students helping them to convert patents into scientific papers and vice-versa. SysPat makes easier for all creators to work with patents, so they can transform their ideas into economic assets.

Secrecy and Security

In SysPat the concerns with secrecy/confidentiality and security are integrated since its conception, as it is natural in the world of intellectual property. For example, all information concerning the content written by the user, remains restricted to the user’s machine, and the files and information saved as “spt” are object of encryption according to encryption standards used by the NSA.

SysPat Superuser

"SysPat also has a tool to manage teams and networks of knowledge creation (patentes, scientific papers and handouts). The SysPat Superuser helps managers to implement policies of intelligence, information governance and incentive to innovation."

SysPat Education

"Because Patents, Papers and Handouts are all part of the unique construction of the human knowledge and of the knowledge economy."

(Subtitles in English)



Courses on Patent Protection and Valorization.


Drafting of patent Documents, Scientific Papers and Handouts and conversion between them with the SysPat Education.


Access the online filing in several countries.


Tool to start the marketing and negotiation of patent licenses with support of Arrowplan.


Follow up and management of patent document applications.

Patent Search

A tool to help search for patents

Manage Organization

A tool to help small, medium and large companies and organizations, schools and universities in the management of their production of patents, papers and reports by their knowledge networks.

Infrigement Solution

Tool to get first support in patent conflict resolution.


"You see things; and you say 'Why?' But I dream things that never were; and I say 'Why not?'" (Bernard Shaw)

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